• Jul 12, 2024

How to create p2p ad on Cryptopadie

Certainly! Let’s explore how to create a peer-to-peer (P2P) advertisement for cryptocurrency trading on CRYPTOPADIE global trading platforms.

  1. Navigate to P2P Trading:

    • Open the Cryptopadie app or visit the Cryptopadie website.
    • Click on “Trade” and select “P2P center” from the left corner of the navigation bar.
  2. Post Your Ad:

    • On the P2P center page, click on “Ads” and then choose “Post My Ads” 
  3. Configure Your Advertisement:

    • Type:
      • Select whether you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency.
      • Choose your preferred coin and fiat currency.
    • Price Settings:
      • Enter the price (per USDT) or premium you want to offer.
    • Transaction Settings:
      • Set the payment timeframe (15 or 30 minutes).
      • Specify the total quantity you want to trade.
      • Define the minimum and maximum transaction amounts per order.
    • Requirements for the Counterparty (optional):
      • Filter counterparties based on specific criteria.
    • Notes:
      • Leave remarks for potential buyers or sellers.
    • Payment Method:
      • Add your payment method in the P2P User Center.
    • Contact Info (for Sell Advertisements only):
      • Add your contact information.
  4. Verify and Post:

    • Review the information in the “Ad to Be Posted” box.
    • Accept the terms and conditions.
    • Click “Post Ads”.
  5. Congratulations! Your ad is now successfully listed.

Remember to be available to respond promptly to counterparties and engage in negotiations when your advertisement is active.